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Recently, the Biomass Lab team from thietbihopkhoi.com – Bach Khoa has won one of the three First prizes at the Final Round of Tech Planter Asia Competition 2020. This award once again affirms the talent and courage of teachers and students of thietbihopkhoi.com – Bach Khoa. The studio where…

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Engineers, in simple words, are people who create solutions to problems. Therefore, through out the history of this field, engineers had came from the most humble backgrounds that you might never believe. Casually coming up with solutions to solve everyday and…


Bach Khoa E-Job Fair 2020 and the 3rd round of “Trial Interview – True success” took place vibrantly on the 13th of June at thietbihopkhoi.com – Bach Khoa. Both two events are parts of the “Businesses and Students 2020” program series organized annually by the Student Service and…


Time management is always a top concern for students. We often hear our friends around us “complaining” that we never have enough time to finish homework, how to just complete the report paper but still not miss out on the football match, dating, lacking sleeping,…

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With the advanced office”s norm of the everyday routine, it is ideal to accept that employers would be keen to have representatives with outstanding business organization abilities. Business administration is a versatile profession with many career development…

Mechanical Engineering is viewed as the broadest of all designing orders, principally because of the field”s cover with different zones of study, for example, Civil, Chemical, and Industrial engineering. Subsequently, mechanical engineers can be seen working on a wide…

Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (Bach khoa) takes its prides in providing international environment for Vietnamese learning.

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Associate Professor Doctor Mai Thanh Phong

Rector, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (Bach khoa)

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